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Paper Products

As supplier of just about every wiping product available, we pride ourselves on the wide selection of paper wipers we offer. We work with several mills and each mill has been carefully selected for the competitive advantages they offer.

From industrial strength wipers to delicate task clean room wipes to wipes ‘by the pound’ our paper wipers come in every strength for every application in every put up, from rolls to flat sheets to quarter-fold to pop up boxes. Serving all industries from automotive to food service, healthcare to aerospace, electronics to Jan/San, please contact one of our area reps to compare your current brand to our cost-saving alternative.

Whether you’d like to make your own disinfectant wet wipe or learn about our high-quality disposable dinner napkins, find out why TWS is a leading supplier of disposable paper wipers made for every application. We look forward to helping you find the wiper that’ll meet your needs and improve your bottom line!

Dust Cloths

Ideal for floor, air ducts, counters and surface dusting, these 100% rayon Dust Cloths are treated with refined mineral oil and have dust catching fibers. An important tool of trade for commercial contract cleaners, see how these treated wipers attract dust to ‘magnetically adhere’ to the cloth fibers without the need for any chemical spray or treatment.